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February 05, 2008



I can absolutely appreciate what you said and completely agree that we can (and need to) reduce the amount of bleach in our day-to-day lives! I also love the mantra - Do it, be it, say it! I think that is great. I just want people to try the GreenWorks line before they discredit it. Clorox might be a me to company with regards to going green but in doing so they just might have developed a powerful "green" product line as a result. Just food for thought. My thought is that as long as people debate these environmental issues... then it means people are paying attention!


Thanks for your comments! While I don't disagree that there is still a need for toxic chemicals like bleach to kill staph infections, we don't need bleach in our day-to-day lives. I think that it is safe to say we overuse bleach and many other chemicals when more benign, environmentally friendly products would do the trick. I guess that what bothers me about Clorox waving the green flag is that I question their true motivation. Companies like Method and Seventh Generation were founded on environmental principals and these principals drive their products and are part of their DNA. It appears to me that Clorox has recognized the opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon in order to make a buck. That being said, as another reader commented, they are bringing awareness to the market and hopefully encouraging more consumers to use more environmentally friendly products and that is a good thing.

A friend of mine who is in marketing for a major soda brand and is passionate about the environment taught me a mantra he uses in his organization - Do it, be it, say it! It appears to me Clorox skipped the second step and jumped to waving the flag.


I don't agree that this is a case of "greenwashing" just because Clorox still sells the more traditional, less environmentally friendly products. There is still a place in today's world were less environmentally friendly products are needed. Which product would you use to remove staph infections or to clean up MRSA outbreaks? Are you going to use a "Green" All-Purpose cleaner? Something from the Seventh Generation line? Well then you will not be getting rid of the problem. These new green products are great and they have their place but you still need strong disinfectants. You still need powerful cleaners to help protect our children. Clorox maybe late to the game - but I recommend trying their green products first before calling it a case of "greenwashing".

Toni Brayer, MD

Of course it is "greenwashing" but this is BIG BUSINESS and we should embrace any positive change they make. It's great that there are companies that have "green" in their DNA but that doesn't mean corporations that are just waking up to the environmental impact of their products should be criticized. Of course they are doing it for more market share. So what? The end goal is a more sustainable planet. If we can get momentum going in that direction it is a win for everyone.


totally agree. If this really "green works" why not stop making all the other evil crap it works as good as. Then we'll believe you, and make it the same price so there is real choice for all. Keep up the good work spreading the word frankly green.

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